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You will receive the unlock code, with the instructions of How to unlock your cell phone. Our unlocking service is 100% guaranteed. iPhone factory unlock, Samsung Unlock codes and others, there are some of the services that we provide.

How To Unlock Alcatel Phones Step By Step Instruction Guides

Alcatel Unlock CODES


First, you need the Unlock Code, if you don’t have unlock code for your Alcatel Alcatel Unlock CODES

Sometime, we send you more than one unlock code for your IMEI. When you enter the unlock code and it said “Code Error” (one “Code Error” for each unlock code). STOP, do not enter anymore; contact us

How To Unlock Alcatel:

Model:  Method Generic

1. Switch ON your phone without Sim Card

2. Enter: *#0000*Unlock Code#

3. To finish, enter: *#0001*Unlock Code#

Model:  531 & 535

1. Switch ON your phone without SIM Card

2. Press * and without release enter 787292

3. "Unlock Network" box will appear, select "YES"

4. Enter the Unlock Code

Model:  All other Alcatel

1. Insert an unauthorized Sim Card and turn ON your phone

2. Enter Network Key" box will appear

3. Enter Unlock Code

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