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Things To Consider Before Buying A New SmartPhone

Considering to buying a new smartphone? DON’T – at least, not until you’ve read this, anyway… Phones are pretty confusing. And they’re VERY expensive too, so you definitely want to feel confident when you make your purchase. All the makes, the different models, and the pricing tiers, as...
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The most common mistakes people make on android phone.

Try to Avoid These Mistakes On Android phone, Do you make some of these mistakes? When talking about android, customization is thing pops up in mind. Due to the open source and easy customization android operating system has seen many highs till date. But very often people make silly mistakes which...
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Are you looking for a Small Android Smartphone?

There is a list of many Small Android Smartphone in the market. Some consumers actually still prefer small Android phones. But are there any options left? Actually yes, though it depends on what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, you also mostly have to settle for slightly older phones. Do...
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What screen size smartphone is best for me?

What screen size smartphone do you prefer? Although bigger screens are in vogue, you’ll still find a wide variety of display sizes. And size is only part of the story, as narrower aspect ratios are making big-screen phones easier to use with one hand. Have a smartphone to...
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What Display Type does my Smartphone Use?

Smartphone screens explained : LCD, TFT LCD, IPS LCD, OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED. Typically, when scrolling through web pages and specs sheets of many smartphones, users are often faced with a number of confusing terminologies, particularly in the display department. While many smartphone enthusiasts and experts are familiar...
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