What screen size smartphone is best for me?

What screen size smartphone do you prefer? Although bigger screens are in vogue, you’ll still find a wide variety of display sizes. And size is only part of the story, as narrower aspect ratios are making big-screen phones easier to use with one hand. Have a smartphone to...
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The best smartphones available to buy today!

Best smartphones 2018: The best phones available to buy today Your smartphone is probably your closest companion, the device you interact with the most. For work, for play, for your social life, you want to make sure you have the best phone out there. It is extremely difficult to...
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Tips to protect your Social Media accounts and more.

Threats To Your Security When Using Social Media and more. Social networking has changed the way we interact with friends and associates. While social networks, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, play a significant role in our lives, they are also a high risk for security threats....
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What Display Type does my Smartphone Use?

Smartphone screens explained : LCD, TFT LCD, IPS LCD, OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED. Typically, when scrolling through web pages and specs sheets of many smartphones, users are often faced with a number of confusing terminologies, particularly in the display department. While many smartphone enthusiasts and experts are familiar...
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Do you know what was the first Android Smartphone?

History of first android phone. Android Operating System which was launched by Google way back in 2008 is the most popular operating system for mobiles at the moment. The reason for its tremendous success is that it is an open source operating system. Android was developed by Android...
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