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How to unlock your T-Mobile Samsung by USB

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How to unlock your T-Mobile Samsung by USB – Instruction Guides


About this service:

This service will Unlock your T-Mobile Samsung.

First need to request the unlock >>HERE<<

After this, We will send the unlock notification to your email address. If the phone have clean IMEI will be work on Tmobile, AT&T Or Verizon Prepaid (Page Plus) , Phone will work on Roaming State , Make sure you add your Carrier APN for the Data settings.

To start : Download FILE:   USB Redirector Technician Edition

Then : GO TO LIVE CHAT:  Agents Chat

[ please use updated browsers  – Chrome works best]

You will be assisted for one of our agent throughout process, till you complete the unlock procedure.

Please, Do not leave the chat till complete the unlock process.

Please, send us an email when complete the unlock process.

IMPORTANT: It is very important you DO NOT Connect Phone until ip and remote connection is made

1- Enable USB Debug on your device:

To enable USB Debugging on the device. Here’s how.

If you haven’t enabled the option already, go to “Apps” > “Settings” > “About phone” and tap “Build number” repeatedly until it says “You are now a developer“.

You will now have an option under “Apps” > “Settings” called “Developer options” where you can enable or disable the “USB debugging” option.




Now open the file you downloaded. Once the program is opened please press Next.


Then it will ask you to enter the Remote Technician address.  [WILL BE PROVIDE BY TECH ON LIVE CHAT]


After the connection is established, USB Software will ask to plug a USB device, please plug in your phone which requires repair or unlock.


After the device is connected the tool will PROMPT to STEP 2 – Waiting for technician to start servicing. When you are on stage 2, now we will start working with your device. Please follow all the steps in this window. The current step will be highlighted. If your device does not move to STEP 2, that means either your USB port on device is damaged or USB cable is bad, or USB port on computer is damaged or you are most likely running different android version that require additional instructions for that please contact the technician on chat.


STEP3 – Servicing in progress..

Please do not disconnect or reboot the device as the technician is working on your device currently.


Once the service is completed it will be on STEP 4 – Servicing of your device has been finished. You can unplug USB Device and click finish.

Enjoy your phone, Thanks for using our services.

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