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Don’t you know what app to Download? HERE wonderful Apps for October 2018.

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Wonderful  Android Apps for October 2018.


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Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for October 2018. Some of these apps are recent launches and some are there on Android Play Store for quite some time. We have Handpicked these apps on the basis of the functionality, uniqueness and usability.

App List


1) NotiSave


Main features
· Autosave notifications shown on Noti-bar
· Keep your Noti-bar clean
· Search notifications from all apps at once

Download Notisave https://goo.gl/eW1q3H

2) Enggle Player


Are you having problems with listening to and speaking English?
Learn your English conversation by watching your favorite movies or TV dramas. You can speak fluently in English – all it takes is lots of practice and Enggle player with actually speaking in English and immersing yourself in English.

Download Enggle Player https://goo.gl/fRhfmK

3) Shorty


Shorty allows you to pin any file from your phone or URL link to home application. Simply install Shorty and share some file or text from any application.

Download Shorty https://goo.gl/8N1uLp

4) Niagara Launcher


Niagara Launcher is a fresh homescreen that has a clean and minimalistic ui. Due to its unique design you can open apps more quickly and use your phone with just one hand.

Download Niagara https://goo.gl/BdXJXp

5) Tor Browser


Tor Browser for Android is the only official mobile browser supported by the Tor Project, developers of the world’s strongest tool for privacy and freedom online.

Download Tor Browser https://goo.gl/WJh3nS

6) Shapical X


Shapical X is an advanced yet easy to use photo editor that lets you add stunning graphics to photos and create brilliant and engaging artistic masterpieces.

Download Shapical X https://goo.gl/Z3Lpcc

7) Stellio Player


A leader among players.
The highest quality sound and convenient, aesthetically pleasing interface.

Download Stellio Player https://goo.gl/BCuNqM

8) Games Now


Games contains 111 of the highest rated games, all free and waiting for the next top score. Download Games Now and enjoy hours of gaming.

Download Games Now https://goo.gl/NAvpC6

9) StoryZ Photo Motion


StoryZ Photo motion : Create visual stories from still images.
Make your pictures move and come to life.
Create animated Double Exposure Effect with combination of static imagery and overlay video.

Download StoryZ https://goo.gl/rrr6vt

10) 3D Weather Live Wallpaper


Tired of current wallpaper?😆 Now this weather live wallpaper is ready for you to change!😆

With this weather style live wallpaper, you can touch screen to get moving effect !
Try this weather live wallpaper, your screen can be unique and special!

Download 3D Weather Live Wallpaper https://goo.gl/N7g1hE

Source: gadgetgig.com

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