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Here’s how to keep your Android phone secure.

How to Make Android Secure Possible Here are 12 ways to keep  your Android device safe. Many of these are pretty simple, but security is really more about doing safe things every time than fancy complicated security tricks. 1. Avoid dodgy public WiFi networks 2. Set a screen...
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Common Android phone Problems Solved.

This is the list of Common Android phone Problems Solved. Got problems with Android? Android offers great reliability, stability and protection from malware — but sometimes you’re going to run into problems. Thankfully, users can correct  a lot of failures with a few simple tips. Here’s a quick rundown...
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Things To Consider Before Buying A New SmartPhone

Considering to buying a new smartphone? DON’T – at least, not until you’ve read this, anyway… Phones are pretty confusing. And they’re VERY expensive too, so you definitely want to feel confident when you make your purchase. All the makes, the different models, and the pricing tiers, as...
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