Things To Consider Before Buying A New SmartPhone

Considering to buying a new smartphone? DON’T – at least, not until you’ve read this, anyway…

Phones are pretty confusing. And they’re VERY expensive too, so you definitely want to feel confident when you make your purchase.

All the makes, the different models, and the pricing tiers, as well as ALL the contracts and CONSTANT marketing, makes the act of choosing a new blower both confusing and daunting in equal parts.

1) Are You Already Locked Into Android or iOS?

If you use a smartphone, chances are it is either an iPhone of some sort or an Android phone.  if you’ve been a die-hard Apple user for five years and have teraflops of music in Apple Music and hundreds of movies in iTunes, you’re probably better off staying put, as you simply won’t be able to get all of your content on anything other than an iPhone.

If you’re a floating voter – i.e. someone who uses both platforms, as I do, and aren’t tied down to one way of doing things – then you’re able to flipflop between iOS and Android and go where the innovation or value is.

2) Price – Do You NEED A Flagship?

This is a big one.

Do you really need to spend $1000 on a new phone (or lease one on contract from a network/carrier for around double that over 24 months)?

3) You Don’t HAVE To Buy An iPhone

Contrary to popular belief, there are many good phones that aren’t made by Apple.

4) Can You Avoid Getting Locked Into A Contract?

If you can afford the expense of running the latest and greatest phone on contract, that’s great.

Go, fill your boots.

5) What’s Most Important To You?

Battery? The camera? Overall cost? You need to decide what you want from a phone and have clear objectives and ideas about how you’re going to be using it.

Think about what you use most in your every day-to-day life already.

6) Do You Even Need A Smartphone?

Do you only use your phone for making calls and sending text messages?

7) Know The Right Time To Buy

NEVER buy a phone as soon as it comes out. That’s just stupid; you’ll pay the highest price going and, though you will have a shiny new phone, your finances won’t thank you.

8) Old Hardware, Doesn’t Mean Obsolete Hardware

Why? Simple, really: these modern things we call smartphones are exceptional pieces of technology. You don’t need to buy a brand new phone to get decent performance.

Source: knowyourmobile

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