Should OEMs put proper priority on smaller smartphones?

Should OEMs put proper priority on smaller smartphones?

It’s hard to believe, but just a few years ago smartphones used to be much smaller, both in specs and stature. While we will be looking at the spec situation later this week, today we’re going to address the latter issue.

At the time of their release, both the original Galaxy Note and Dell Streak were inconceivably large. Samsung in particular made a case for the what would be quickly labeled a “phablet” by offering a Wacom-powered stylus. Around the same period, HTC was also pushing the envelope for what was an appropriately sized “standard” product. The result was offerings like the Desire HD. Things gradually grew larger to the point we are at today: the “defacto” size for an Android phone has a 5-inch screen.

Do we really need more small?

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