How to protect your smartphone from Loss or theft. Tips and Tricks

How to protect your smartphone from Loss or theft. Tips and Tricks

It is a big headaches when you lose your smartphone or worse when is stolen, think about all the info that you will not recover. Here some tips to protect your Smartphone from loss or theft.

What to do before and after


Don’t Leave It Lying Around!


Are you someone who likes to have their cell phone handy at all times? Keeping it in your pocket or purse is fine, but if you sit down at a table or in a bar, setting your phone down on the table can set you up to forget it later. Keep your phone on your person at all times.

Write Down Your Serial Number or IMEI

Dial *#06# like you were making a regular call. The IMEI will appear on the screen. This will not work on all phones, for those, Check under the battery as well.


Use a strong screen lock

Use a strong screen lock

Use a ‘find my phone’ app

Use a 'find my phone' app

Regularly Back up your personal info (Contacts, Photos videos…)



Try calling your phone number, maybe a honest person found your phone and will return it.

Log on to your “find my phone” . Try to locate the phone on a map. if no, push the erase button.

Call your service provider and report it. (sometimes you will need the IMEI number, that’s why is important write it down)

Hope will be helpful.


How to:

Cell Phone Unlocking codes



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