How to unlock Samsung from Metro Pcs

How to enter code in Samsung Metro Pcs ?

First, you need the Unlock Code, if you don’t have unlock code for your Samsung Metro Pcs,Get Unlock Code Now

You can enter unlock code using three following instructions:

How to unlock Samsung from Metro Pcs

1. Insert a foreig sim card (the sim card which is not supported by Your phone)
2. The phone should ask for an unlock code
3. Enter Unfreeze or Defreeze code ( unsuccesfull message may appear )
4. Enter NCK or Network code
The phone is now unlocked

If your phone does not ask for the unlock code:

1. Turn on the phone with original Sim card or without Sim card
2. Enter #7465625*638*NCK/Network#
The phone is now unlocked.

Why my Samsung Metro Pcs is locked?

When you purchase a cellphone it is often offered at a discounted price by the cellular network. In return for this generosity they “lock” your Phone to their network, so that you can only use their network for making and receiving calls. This means that you cannot use the SIM card of another network, and if you try to do so the phone will display “Phone Restricted”, “Contact Service Provider”, “Enter Unlock Code” or a similar message. Unlocking the phone removes this lock, allowing you to use your Phone on any GSM wireless network anywhere in the world.

Cell Phone Unlocking codes


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