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How To Unlock ZTE Phones Step By Step Instruction Guides


Sometime, we send you more than one unlock code for your IMEI. When you enter the unlock code and it said “Code Error” (one “Code Error” for each unlock code). STOP, do not enter anymore; contact us

First, you need the Unlock Code, if you dont have unlock code for your ZTE , can get your unlock code here.


Models: Z667, Z667, Zinger, Zinger, ZMAX z970, ZMAX z970, T-Mobile Concord II Z730, T-Mobile Concord II Z730, ATT Z998 Mustang, ATT Z998 Mustang, Radiant Z740, Radiant Z740, Z992 Avail 2, Z992 Avail 2, Z990, Z990, Z431, Z431, T-Mobile Concord, T-Mobile Concord, R3100 T-Mobile Beat, R3100 T-Mobile Beat, AT, AT, Zest II, Zest II, Zest E110, Zest E110, Z331, Z331, Avail, Avail, R225, R225, T100, T100, V9 Plus, V9 Plus, V9, V9, AT, AT, T6, T6, Skate, Skate, Amigo, Amigo, U900, U900, Libra, Libra, S319, S319, F930, F930, A661, A661, S315, S315 more....


ZTE Unlock Instructions (ALL MODELS)

1: Turn on phone with Not Accepted SIM card.

2: A menu will pop up to Insert the code.

3: Insert the provided code and press OK

4: Device is now unlocked.