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How To Unlock Nokia Phones Step By Step Instruction Guides

Nokia Unlock CODES

How to Enter Unlock Codes on Nokia Lumia 1020 - Lumia 900 - Lumia 521 - Lumia 820 - Lumia 920 - Lumia 810


1. Insert a non-accepted simcard. Power on phone.

2. After the phone finishes booting up, it will display the message “this sim card can only be used on specific networks. Contact Your customer service center for the unlock code’.

3. Below that will be the message “Enter PIN”. On the keypad, type in your unlock code and press the “enter” button.

The phone will automatically reboot. Your phone is now unlocked.


There is a common problem with Nokia 900 unlock codes where it looks like the code is bad when in fact it’s fine. So if your code is being rejected, here’s what you need to do. First double check your imei by dialing *#06# to see if it matches the imei you sent us. If it does match, and the unlock code we sent you is giving an error, continue to enter in the unlock code provided until the phone asks for the “PUK” code. So once you have diminished all your tries, the phone will ask for the PUK code. This is where you enter the unlock code.


How to Enter Unlock Codes on Nokia (most models):

At&t / Nokia Phones, compose: #pw+CODE+1#
T-mobile Nokia Phones, compose: #pw+CODE+1#
UK Nokia Phones, compose: #pw+CODE+1#
Australia Nokia Phones, compose: #pw+CODE+1#
Rogers/Fido Canada Phones, compose: #pw+CODE+7# OR #pw+CODE+1#


1) Remove SIM CARD
2) Type #
3) Then press the * key 3times (you should get a "p")
4) Then press the * key 4times (you should get a "w")
5) Then press the * key 2times (you should get a "+")
6) Enter unlock code sequence
7) Then press the * key 2times(you should get a "+")
8) Then enter: 1 or 7 (For your appropriate phone)
9) Enter: #