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How To Enter Unlock Code Into Garminfone Mobile Phones Step By Step Instruction Guides

How To Unlock Garminfone:

Once an unlock code has been acquired, follow these directions to unlock Garminfone:

  1. Power Garminfone off
  2. Remove the battery cover
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Remove the SIM card by applying light pressure to the exposed portion of the SIM card and pulling it toward the battery compartment
  5. Replace the battery
  6. Replace the battery cover
  7. Power Garminfone on. The phone will power-up in Emergency Call mode, disabling all functions but the unlock screen.
  8. Double-tap the unlock button on the touchscreen
  9. Enter the unlock code
  10. Tap OK

Upon completion of this process, Garminfone is no longer locked to T-Mobile. A different carrier's SIM card may now be used.